Fur Felt Hats


Our felt hats are sourced and made from the finest pelts and materials available in the U.S. We make all of our hats the same way, by hand and one-at-a-time. There are no machines involved in our process. We classify our hats into two sets, stock and custom.

Our stock felt hats are made from our Hare/Rabbit blend typically and are only available in limited colors, but we may have other materials and random colors from time to time available. Having a line of hand-made felt hats in stock and ready to leave the store, provides options to those that need a hat fast and cant wait on a hat to be custom built. These hats feature either a calf or goat skin sweatband and a ribbon hat band.The crown is engraved with the Hot Head Hat Co. logo in place of a typical hat liner. See our available inventory below.

Stock Felt Hats

Our custom felt hats are built from the ground up into the hat you design with us. we feature over 20 colors in 7 different materials and qualities. These hats feature a personalized lambskin sweatband, satin hat liner, and dressed in a ribbon hat band. Bound brim edge, pencil rolled brim and self felt hat bands are available as an upgrade.

Please see the options below for further details and to contact us regarding your custom hat.

100% Rabbit/Hare Felt Hat

50/50 Beaver Blend Felt Hat

Nutria Felt Hat

100% Beaver Felt Hat

Beaver Belly Felt Hat

Mink/Beaver Belly Felt Hat

Chinchilla/Beaver Belly Felt Hat